The Churchill Bros. SPorts Club graduated to international ranking at the AFC (Asian Football Confederation level) in 2008-2009 and retained its glorious status in 2012 and 2013, having scaled upto the prequater-final stage at the Asian level. It has been a meteoric rise as Churchill Bros. had its baptism in official GFA (Goa Football Association) League in 1988 in a beautiful, typical South Goa Village - Varca.

Goa is famous for 3 Fs-Food, Feni (the local drink with medicinal prperties) and Football and it is the villages like Varca that are referred to as the cradle of football.
Consequently, Churchill Brothers, became an extended part of Churchill Brothers family with the entire close-knit family managing it, and rightly referred to as the only non-business family managed club in India, and proudly it continues to be so, thus demonstarting the unique and beautiful passion the beautiful game, which is the official (Govt. recognised) game of the State(Goa).

From the roots of fruits, it was a well-balanced growth. Its development to become the National League (AIFF - All India Football Federation, affliated to FIFA - International Football Federation) champion in 2008-2009 and 2012-2013, was crafted by Churchill Brothers 'Patron, Mr. Churchill Alemao, former Chief Minister of Goa, Ex-Minister of PWD, Goa and former MP and whole - heartedly supported by five brothers - Late. Ciabro, Joaquim, Late. Alvernaz, Kennedy, Late. Roosevelt and their families who nursed it through and through with dedication, devotion, sacrifice and above all "passion for football".

Churchill Brothers emerged also as the best among top National Indian Clubs, also winning the prestigious Federation Cup in 2012-2013.

When the National Legue(AIFF) was launched in 1996, Churchill Brothers grabbed nation-wide attention although it lost the top place by just a single point and emerged as an admirable runner-up. In subsequent years, besides winning the top Indian League, the Club secured creditable runners-up, third places positions.

Sustaining the tempo and also enhancing the standard of the game not only in Goa but also in India, was also due to the recruitment of both foreign players as well as coaches. This was the brain-child of Mr. Churchill and it paid rich dividends, with even the FIFA President, Mr. Sepp Blatter acknowledging when Churchill Brothers won the National I-Legue ONGC Cup in 2009.

The seed was sown by Churchill Brothers father, Braz Alemao, a Cabo (Corporal) in the Portuguese Army in Goa, who quit his job then and embraced football refereeing in which he excelled. That's how Braz lit the flame for football in th hearts and minds of his loving children.

With a total and deep involvement. Churchill Brothers have launched a sound grassroots and youth development programme since talent has to be scouted, nurtured and developed on scientific basis so as to give the much needed impetus to Goan and Indian football. Our youth teams have acquitted creditably in the official youth leagues organized by AIFF and GFA, having even made it to the National Inter-zonal level.

Churchill Brothers is the only club in India to own its Club House with modern amenities including a Gym, recreation hall and studio for analysis.

Football continues to occupy the pride of place in Churchill Alemao's and his Brothers hearts, despite several hurdles and obstacles. They have never looked back because they have always received the help and support of its well-wishers, friends and a legion of fans and supports from all over. And they are confident that they will not be let down as they seek your blessings and the much needed financial push needed to scale further, greater heights. Together we can do it. We strongly believe in that like you.

Our Vision

  • To become Asia's top team in the next five years.
  • Getting a place in elite AFC Challenge Cup Asia's Premier Clubs.

Our Goal Our Dream
"To build up a strong Youth Development Programme through academics, so as to groom players who will ultimately put India on the global football map. Our final destination the FIFA World Cup for India"
- Churchill Alemao

The Core Team


  • Patron: Mr. Salvio Alemao
  • Director: Ms. Fatima Alemao
  • Prseident: Mr. Churchill Alemao
  • CEO: Ms. Valanka Alemao
  • Secretary: Mr. Jovito Lopes
  • Treasurer: Mr. Macario Rodrigues

Officials - Team/s
  • Team Manager: Mr. Danzie Ferrao
  • Head Coach: Derrick Pereira
  • Youth Coach: Mr. Joao Menino Rebello
  • Asst. Coach: Mr. Alfred Fernandes
  • Doctor: Dr. Francis Almeida
  • Physio: Mr. X.M. Reegan
  • Lit-in-Charge: Mr. Francis Dias
    Mr. Anthony Gonsalves

Officials - General
  • Administrative Officer: Mr. Macario Rodrigues
  • Legal Officer: Adv. Bhale
  • General Cordinator: Mr. Anthony Leo Fernandes
  • Media Officer: Mr. Jovito Lopes